How to reasonably choose the promotion opportunity

from 2009 to 2015, Alibaba will be singles day electricity supplier Festival, proved the charm of holiday promotions. Engaged in the operation of the restaurant business can also learn from the experience, a reasonable choice of promotional opportunities, the use of appropriate promotional tools and techniques to effectively enhance store sales.

promotions time is not no rules, usually in the annual promotion plan: the first choice in traditional holiday promotions; second anniversary, opening promotion; third: special promotion opportunity. These three conditions together with the choice of restaurant, organic combination of the formation of the annual food and beverage promotions. How do we face numerous festivals, the first major festivals and festivals: the traditional potential required public holidays, such as Spring Festival, labor day, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival; second: matched the times festival to choose, such as Valentine’s day, mother’s day, Christmas; third: to choose the specific influential people, such as teachers’ day, children’s day etc..

these festivals selected according to restaurant types and different regions, different restaurants and promotional tasks can choose one or several big promotion, the other can be as small as promotions, also can be combined marketing. The second is the anniversary, opening promotion when required promotion, promotional efforts should be in the most solemn annual promotion, because this is the best time for publicity, to attract customers, is most closely relationship with hotel marketing activities.

as the operators of the catering shop you take what kind of shops catering to the reasonable form of promotion, the promotion cost accounting restaurants and catering store promotion can bring benefits and wealth, to avoid the embarrassment.

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