Yellow chicken stew rice after joining chaos

in a long time, braised chicken Steamed Rice can be said to be a very popular franchise brand, but also attracted a lot of researchers to join to join, but behind the rapid development of the brand has also appeared a lot of problems.

"doing too much"

"is the brand too much, lack of unified management." Mr. Liu is an employee of a securities company in Shenyang, the company has a ‘yellow braised chicken rice." According to him, just to the time of the securities company, I often go to the shop to eat, "don’t look at only a meal, a dish, but also cheap cost, a meal down less than 20 yuan." However, recent experience made him feel the taste greatly reduced, "now go to the less obvious," Mr. Liu said, "I have seen on the market" braised chicken Steamed Rice "brand can have seven or eight kinds of brands, not to say, all made out of flavors can be quite different."

a a hotel owner braised chicken Steamed Rice ":" now the business is not easy to do." He said that one of the main reasons is that "doing too much of this line, the family is not the same, you do your, I do my."

technical content and low threshold raised like a swarm of bees to follow

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