Summing up the results of women’s entrepreneurship in Xi’an women’s Federation in 2015

2015 years, Xi’an vigorously expand the development of the cause of women in the new situation, and achieved good results. Under the new situation, the women’s Federation of innovative ideas to help the main force to help the majority of women to achieve the goal of getting rich. Let women be able to control their own destiny, to create a better life.

2015, women’s federations at all levels of Xi’an city to respond positively to the central public business, innovation "call, around the municipal government work plan to promote women’s employment and entrepreneurship to catch as a service to the city’s economic work overall situation, service and maintenance work of women’s livelihood important social harmony and stability, and actively integrate resources, build a platform, policy guide, vigorously implement the employment of women’s action, promote the work of women’s employment and Entrepreneurship of our city has made new progress.


"women should do this thing, to help you solve problems, housekeeping services have a brilliant future." This is the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping of women’s Federation founded domestic service agencies to promote employment and entrepreneurship, to implement the instructions of the National Women’s Federation and accelerate the healthy development of women’s domestic service will promote the spirit of "last year, the Municipal Women’s Federation in the province to carry out the" work of creating women’s housekeeping service demonstration "completed" Xi’an city domestic enterprises (Institutions) survey "" Xi’an domestic industry standardization occupation situation investigation and countermeasure research "and a number of facts, analysis, countermeasures and suggestions of the research report, the municipal government attaches great importance to and promote the project in Xi’an City in 2015 ten Huimin practical.

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