What are the details of the decoration

everyone’s demand for women is great, everyone should not lack of clothing, especially for female friends, the quality of clothing is very reliable, fashion design, safe and reliable, it is worth choosing. For many entrepreneurs, good clothing will be recognized by everyone, the characteristics of the clothing brand, is also required to master the skills of operation, women’s stores, it is necessary to master a lot of decoration skills.

1 is a taste of the treatment

if there is a taste for a long time, it is necessary to find a decoration designer to ask the situation, in addition to a number of corner and details of the treatment, such as paint or glue on the ground should be properly dealt with. After the renovation, as far as possible to get a little better. Otherwise, if not ready for the ground or a wall not dealt with, especially conspicuous position, and destroy the whole effect is not ideal! After all, each store is different, and each region is different, too specific things no way for everyone to talk about.

Whether the font and size of 2

and the combination of

and facade

appearance appearance basically determine positioning style of dress, and the font selection basically determines the women’s grades, to use simplified Chinese character font, a lot of people do not know, let alone consumers remember your shop. Complex font design is also not necessary, the purpose of the female store is to let others remember that clear is the most basic requirements. In addition, head word color and appearance of color appearance must be good collocation.

3 fitting room setting and specific location

fitting room color and color collocation is the best advice I can and in store to a conspicuous, fitting room inside the best you can carefully arrange, warm and convenient hanger must be set up, the specific location in the best not to use the dead or does not occupy the place and close to display area the cashier is most suitable.

When the

people in the choice of dress, the quality of the products is very important, at the same time, because investors need to master good skills, women’s clothing store decoration skills has been listed, then pay attention to these details, better able to set up shop, money! So want to open the ladies shop friends, we must have a good grasp of these points of knowledge!

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