May wish to do more business advice

now many sales staff have been in business for profit, the customer will recommend blindly buy all kinds of goods, in fact, this attitude could not make a good impression on the customers, and thus affect the sales of goods. Years ago, I went to a well-known brand store to buy shoes. In the selection process, the salesperson side for me to understand the style I want. When she learned that I just needed a pair of walking shoes, she said, "there’s no need to buy a pair of shoes! Take a walk, the main figure is comfortable, style is secondary. Why don’t you start with these comfortable and cheap shoes?!"

and those who have encountered before the new features of the shop is very different, the salesperson is very ordinary few words, but I am very comfortable and happy to accept the. Since then, when the family needs to buy shoes, we first look at the store to see if there is a suitable, if not, then choose other stores.

indeed, in the face of customers, if quick success and instant benefit, recommend a high price of goods, it is easy to cause resentment. On the contrary, if we can according to the life experience, starting from the actual situation of the customer, and puts forward some suggestions for their warm, can narrow the distance with customers and gain their trust, reputation and profit to achieve double harvest.

once, a customer came to the store to buy 20 yuan a smoke as his son’s wedding reception. In the face of different brands with the price of cigarettes, he did not know how to choose. See he can not make up his mind, I give him advice: on the current price of different brands of cigarettes, the quality is very good, there is a difference in taste. Now young people pay attention to the wedding has its own characteristics, do not follow the crowd, so it is used in the smoke.

if you choose the brand is not common, you can give people a sense of freshness, the wedding is also a good embellishment. However, this is my personal opinion, the choice is still on your own." After listening to the customer feel justified, they listened to my advice, chose a new listing of cigarettes. After the wedding, he went to the store and told me that the guests were very happy with the wedding. Since then, he has been a regular customer in my store.

if the business is too quick success and instant benefit, focus on achievements, many times it will not have any effect, on the contrary, if you can give some suggestions to the customer, the customer will be more reliable. So, when doing business, we can not be too eager for quick success and instant benefit, more warm advice is very important.

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