What is the secret of a small sushi shop to earn 300 thousand

sushi looks very small and very cute, is a lot of people like the food, there is such a sushi shop business is very good, this is known as a sushi shop will be able to play, the owner of the nickname fat insects". Decorative style of style, the counter is full of One Piece, small yellow man, and so on all kinds of dolls, but also as a function of the table brand, the little ones, the Secretary of the table, the convenience of the dishes on the seat".

fun is a gene

fat insects on their own food is quite confident, we shop within 300 meters radius of the restaurant has a total of 7 sushi, we can taste the row of second, but the best one to eat the worst sales."

The lure of

is not only on the taste buds. The stable status of the fat and the wild, there is no so-called fans, only a large number of loyal friends. See here the doll counter will have a superb collection of beautiful things, people take the initiative to contribute a large collection of dolls; eat a delicacy in the field, there will be someone to dig three feet to dig the menu, teach fat worms to develop new dishes; some people take the initiative to fat worm design better business model.

someone when shorthanded take the initiative to help clean the table for health; held monthly "material lying kick" ("lying kick" English party pronunciation, meaning party), everyone scrambling to provide free interactive gift, even to eat and drink are not spending, these fat worms, infinite charm is the "fun".

said: "play is a kind of gene, the game is not afraid to be imitated, I just want to play better than you enough." So we can not help but ask: what is the origin of fat insects, he is how to "play"?

fun line lying under the kick

, who was born in graphic design, sold clothing, shoes, but also opened a home company, advertising company. After a trip to Tibet, the fat bug had a "material" in Xiamen, all for fun. With all the activities, from the planning design, copywriting to graphic design is a fat worm, is handy:

years ago, diners friends complained that their company has no holiday, fat worm launched the "material" Wangui are not afraid of the welfare of any person by virtue of the first four days of the Spring Festival tickets to the store consumption, all discount to show sympathy for a day before March 8th; the girls section, fat worms in the store to do a for the "dumbbell competition", the theme of the event is called "do my goddess", attracted numerous onlookers and applause; welcome a fat worm manual friends to shop in front of the stall, he provided the venue, free tea, personally help crying, add the taste, to attract guests, make new friends, too……

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