New business opportunities in the advertising industry

new era everyone is in pursuit of green, this is the theme of this era, but also the mainstream trend of market development, the advertising industry is also true. The business is equivalent to half of the success, investment in environmental protection advertisement will send you on the road to prosperity as soon as possible!

item 3: Environmental advertising company: knowledge required: graphic design, communication, media; capital requirements: 10 thousand to 99 thousand dollars; the starting time: a few months; special challenges: beware of "false advertising environment"; environmental protection market is still growing, a step by step into the main stream of the society and also become more diversified. How to deliver the right message to the right group is not easy. At the same time, many consumers have begun to doubt their own environmental protection companies. Those who can successfully use advertising information to quell criticism of advertising companies will become the darling of the industry.


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