Labor shortage entrepreneurship in Fuyang how to move forward at the crossroads

the most important festival in China when the new year comes, Fuyang welcomes a large number of migrant workers. Although the increase in the number of migrant workers, but the local has been caught in a labor shortage". Next let us look at the status quo of Fuyang entrepreneurs working in shanghai.

is a home. Anhui Province, the population of more than 10 million in Fuyang, ushered in the busiest season of the year – the work of men, women and children are back.

The taxi driver:

Traffic statistics from

home from the Fu-Yang Railway Station, Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang people up. Almost from the beginning of the last century in 90s, Shanghai is the first choice for people to go out to work in Fuyang. Local government departments staff and reporters to talk about the close ties with Shanghai, the biggest point is that the migrant workers".

can obviously be "migrant workers" of big city, Fuyang has many local businesses this year an unexpected is more serious than the coastal provinces "labor shortage". In the case of Funan Economic Development Zone, a move to the Shanghai wool sweater factory, full load should be 2000 employees, now the factory more than 400 people; another is the transfer of Shanghai to the enterprise, full line can have 1000 people, now only 100 people…… This is the government to come forward and actively help recruitment results.

"series of activities to take you home", Fuyang has been run for at least 6 years, in the country, this is new. New year’s Eve is approaching, the reporter sat in Fuyang several times to return to the bus in different counties of the bus, around the car to ask, sketch a return of migrant workers return to Fuyang employment report.

Fuyang "labor shortage"?


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