Network recruitment Adsense from hunting nets smell what flavor

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, as a member of the online recruitment industry, we should from the trend of development of the industry can perceive some development shortcut or need to avoid the place, after all, as a resource competition field, can use ordinary webmaster if the industry leader in the process of development experience, so to save its resources is considerable. At least 1/3 of the marketing positioning can be reduced. In fact, far not said that the success of headhunting network like electricity supplier in, always give us some sense of impact, after all, as a relatively new mode, breakthrough headhunting network to let everyone see a glimmer of novelty.

understands the user’s location requirements and protects personal privacy. Relative to some other similar websites, to resume headhunting network optimization do very well, from work experience or salary, 90% resumes are bachelor degree or above, three years working experience. Contrary to most websites, the threshold for job seekers is different. In addition, graduates can not be found in hunting nets. This has a stable guarantee for the quality of the whole job seekers. Besides headhunting network managers respect the wishes of the individual, resume and detailed personal information only for the hope in the face of the object, even if you are a headhunter, cannot see the hope hidden resume information, this is also from the side to enhance the degree of professional headhunting network.

hits the core user community. In fact, the reasons for the early development of hunting nets so smoothly, because the hunting network is facing the crowd compared to the high and low end, more job seekers desire. Because the middle managers for the enterprise is very difficult to recruit, although the middle are the internal training, but more time companies need to supplement external talent, and this is used as the external storage cadres people can only start from the middle. Moreover, in the end, the crowd, the most fundamental psychological thoughts must be looking for a large company, I want a good salary, but the headhunting network can provide for their annual salary of 10W, has considerable appeal. Hunting nets and the needs of the audience complement each other, and close cooperation naturally should.

is two points above are the two largest killer Qinzhou-Fangcheng recruitment network feeling headhunting network based on high-end recruitment, for professional comments, resume optimization, information docking, headhunting network while doing good, but it is to understand the user’s psychological job, otherwise it will not be these two functions to do so carefully. But the development of any industry there will be insufficient, headhunting network in some areas is indeed better than, Zhaopin, electric grid and other traditional tyrannical, but on the development of tone, headhunting network is not perfect. It can be said with some point properly it will ruin their future development.

high-end personnel mobility is not large, the large area of job placement will cause a superficial sense of resources. In fact, in the Chinese environment, the recruitment of high-end jobs tend to communicate and recommend among people, and the search for headhunters has not formed a habit. In such a context, hunting nets actually can cultivate some high-tech industries

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