Talk about the feeling of using free forum 5D6D to build a website

with 5D6D site also about half a year, and I, like many people, from the beginning do not like such a free forum like 5D6D, think free things certainly not good. But after six months, I found that the free forum was not as bad as I expected. 5D6D just out of time, I registered a forum, read the next to get rid of, can not bind domain names, can not advertise, can not……

The only thing that makes me feel good about

is that it can import data free of charge, but it’s closed now.

half a year ago, I was taking off the forum, was really annoyed, but no way, I can prepare a special forum? The answer is NO, so sell the forum for a 5D6D to do this, a film forum, with half a year, his feelings on the advantages and disadvantages 5D6D products to summarize.

first says "


1, the forum is relatively stable, the speed can also be the occasional red accessories and other small problems, but will soon solve.

2, do not worry about being attacked or spend time maintaining forums (procedures), there are problems, the official to solve, save yourself a lot of trouble.

3, which can bind top-level domains free of charge, looks like an independent forum, as long as you don’t check the attachment address.

4, server optimization to do better, 5D6D using DZ, his server will certainly support DZ perfect, such as pseudo static these.

5, space, traffic size unlimited, not afraid of their own data and traffic explosion, save a lot of expenses, suitable for small adsense.

6, many IDC host are not allowed to put the forum, there must be special, 5D6D without this restriction, 2 levels do not tube, the top ready ordinary can tie, no ready to tie.

7, 5D6D is Shengqi Kang’s products, in their own words is: by the strength of the Discuz! Official effort to build, with backing and strong ability of technology development. 300 thousand, the user’s choice has proved that Discuz is the best forum software on the market.

repeat the disadvantages:

1, can not modify the program itself, many want to change things can not change, plug-in style can not be installed arbitrarily. Releasing code also has an impact on forums, speed, etc..

2 can not backup itself, you can avoid the cost of gold reserves, but as you increase the data, your gold coin growth is never comparable to the amount needed for backup. And gold coins can not be traded, the only way is to buy the official host, and then give you free import, say it is free, in fact, or charges.

3, and some would like to brush rankings or traffic will be closed (of course, you are not found or nothing), you will increase the burden of 5D6D server without reason.

4, the attachment address, if you have bound the top-level domain name

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