Talk about the cheated experience of my website selling friends chain

in March 22, 2009, there is a MM add my QQ, I said to the contracted Baicheng hotline network website home page text links, 300 yuan a month, at the beginning of the month payment requirement is hanging on her QQ on my website, and then open the administrator back to her, I was 5 years younger brother really did not have the website. The profit, ha ha, was like the cheap, without me, and I have the money collected, responsible for updating my website on the line, a good thing


a month later, webmaster tools check, get angry, PR from 4 to 3, then immediately contact the contracted link, tell her to begin next month to do this, I will put on the web site expires, not renewals; by May 3rd, misfortune, the server is room CC, people call someone attacks, all the website cannot open, CPU 100% memory used 1.5G, plus a flow detection, ha ha, scary, usually a second 300K day is the average flow of 15M, there has been no clue, the room also asked me not to offend people.

to 4 people, plus my QQ, it is a temper, ha ha, finally know, is to buy our website links, no expiration was removed, after a period of time to chat, I only know that the original contract is the people out of the ghost, then in the friend’s suggestion, I was behind the post on A5 and declare their deceptive events and our station, and screenshots, released the whole process of chat, so second days there are a few people continue to add my QQ, are cheated, but the amount is not small, a few hundred dollars each, to make an apology also, I found an attack webmaster, I negotiated compensation for their connection time, talk about good, oh, we are doing the talking directly, they also tell me the link is to make money.

but a liar, don’t admit that she cheated people money, there is a renewal, has not expired deleted, there are requirements so far failed to do, but are paid. Hey, now the server is basically stable, there is a small attack, but has little effect, after this incident, I have a deep experience, website, don’t manage to go to give others Oh, especially commercial things, is the webmaster webmaster, if there is a team, also you are familiar with the best people, like I like this, a stranger, a few hundred dollars, they earn thousands, finally I was scolded by the attack, I think it’s


own experience, the article is a bit long winded, you don’t spit my slobber, ha ha, especially that I deserve, I really know is wrong


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