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blog WeChat and caifutong team, make a "WeChat red" prequel reports, is that since the beginning of January 10th WeChat red code writing system, a red team of about 10 people, how will the product do it. This article excerpt "excited" wolf "" a paragraph, see how to grab a red envelope forced all the ‘Wolf’:

The birth time of

large system is a basic product center November 2013, brainstorming, Gong Chen and his colleagues thought to the Spring Festival in 2014, the company’s internal traditional red envelopes made an application to attract ordinary users, increase the number of enabled WeChat users to pay.

After the establishment of

financial holding company, they have been designing electronic envelopes for employees for five or six years. At the beginning of 2013, the administrative department of Tencent Inc through WeChat employees to send 200 yuan per person WeChat red, although a simple link only caifutong, but was widely regarded as the important evidence of WeChat and caifutong open.

continues the real world tradition and bows and her team members have come up with the idea of setting up a "red bag" system for friends in the virtual world that allows red packets to spread between WeChat friends. Technically, "ask for a red envelope", this function similar to the existing AA collection function, it is difficult to achieve.

, but the idea was overturned by Wu Yi, vice president of financial services. Wu Yi was worried about "red envelopes to discuss" the user is likely to encounter embarrassment: the face suddenly appeared for red envelopes, to be or not to be, to give more or less, will make people difficult, if not particularly familiar friends, to not have the possible misunderstanding. The project for "red packets" has been shelved.

until the beginning of January this year, Chen and colleagues bow to pick up again WeChat red idea, this time, they gained inspiration from WeChat group dice game.

WeChat has a random throw function, in the WeChat group, a number of friends throwing dice together is a simple and exciting gameplay. A product manager suggests that if you change the dice into red packets, you should also spark interest in the game. After discussion, the red packets team set the "grab" random red envelopes design.

bow morning and colleagues premonition that everyone to "grab red" approach to participate in the game, will be able to "bomb" out of the group diving users, in the WeChat group to create a lively atmosphere.

their idea was finally endorsed by Wu Yi. In January 10th, Gong Chen and several products and technical colleagues began the development of this function, which was only two weeks away from the spring festival.

spent more than ten days, and technicians developed the original WeChat red edition. To do the test, bows pulled a crowd of more than 150 on WeChat.

, this is the first contact with WeChat >

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