Start out as a full time station owner

of the University of reading is a computer professional, university four years I didn’t Study hard, global Internet cafes to play games on the computer often, but I sincerely love, I love the moving hands, make their own website, but simply to do, often show their work in front of the students, students in the eyes of my major the skill is very good, when I graduated from the university I have a lot of students are looking for me to do graduate design, the reason is very simple, although my achievement is not good, but my expertise is good. Out of the university campus, I find her want to work during the work, I do website construction, software development, slowly I feel the life is so boring, took more than 1000 dollars a month wages, at each end of the month wage card poor a few dollars remaining, I Speechless the. Do I have the skills to do it all my life? Do I still have my future and dreams?

often mixed Admin5, really never thought I want to engage in personal career, a boring evening I met a webmaster do very successful brother, he is still reading the second grade college, but he told me that his college tuition are doing their own webmaster earn out, never ask home in for a penny? At this moment, I found myself of the University for four years is not wasted, look at those young master in high school achievement, I found that I was not what. At any moment, I decided to try it myself.

after more than six months of their own efforts, I understand, want to be a successful webmaster is not easy. Every day, every morning the first thing is to open the day traffic statistics, and then shook his head helplessly, mind constantly ask yourself, you do not want to give up, down, but whenever I see there are so many webmaster friends have been successful, I also can not be reconciled. Other people line, why can’t I?. By chance, my station continued to grow in a short span of a month, which made me even more motivated to do so. But I don’t regret good times don’t last long. This lets me know, do stationmaster can round his dream actually. I do not love at work, so I don’t love every day, now I only thought is resigned to be a full-time webmaster, but now I still have no way to convince myself, because I have to consider their own relatives and feel cold eyes. But I believe that one day, I will cross my heart to do a good and qualified webmaster.

is walking on the road, or I have the same idea webmaster friends, if you feel the same as I, I hope we can all stick to it. I don’t want to carry forward pressure, my contract expires immediately, I decided to quit a full-time SOHO, no matter how long the road, I will go to work, I will be the first station to sit down to do his resignation, I hope it become the foundation stone of my success road. Let’s work together. All struggling friends in Admin5, come on,


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