The image description of the ten steps of website construction

enterprise website construction, promotion, research materials are many, and there are many effective promotion methods. In fact, although electronic commerce construction and enterprise website promotion methods are more, but these promotion methods are always the exception. Most of the time, we don’t need so much promotion strategy, just need to do the promotion, website and will be selected more in-depth implementation of it, keep doing this website on the Internet has gradually become famous. Here, the author through the experience of predecessors and their own gradual exploration experiments, summed up the promotion of e-commerce website construction can not be aware of ten key steps for your reference, as follows.

1, select the domain name (often referred to as the URL), this step is equivalent to a shop location, convenient for others to find.

two, select the site server space, this step is equivalent to the choice of shops area and entrance.

three, design website interface, this step is equivalent to shop facade decoration (do not have luxury).

four, determine the structure of the site, this step is equivalent to the booth inside the store planning exhibition area.

five, filling website content and relevant information, this step is equivalent to the goods inside the shop shelves display (so far, part of the site construction is completed).

six, for enterprise products or services to determine the main keywords, this step is equivalent to shops to establish their flagship products.

seven, optimized for keywords, this step is equivalent to shops to flagship merchandise design, beautiful packaging, posters, instructions, so that customers can easily accept.

eight, the total station technical optimization and routine maintenance of the site, this step is equivalent to the store based on customer experience for display optimization, timely innovation,

nine, website keywords ranking promotion, this step is equivalent to shops grab people flow big gold section.

ten, the website effective intention customers high quality flow increase, this step is equivalent to increasing the number of shops intent customers, turnover greatly improved!


looked at these images that trust should understand the enterprise website optimization promotion effect, many enterprises website can simply do the first five steps, even in front of the five step planning how to study did not expect such website benefit? Is like a shop just full of things without any publicity, business good? The owner knows to shop siting, door design, display optimization, store promotion, enterprises must optimize the promotion of network marketing on their website


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