Talk about old Adsense worth novice webmaster learning four advantages

A few days ago in the

Adsense QQ group to see you chat about the old and new owners of the topic, collect a lot of old webmaster have gradually faded out of the line of sight of people, from the more low-key low-key, the new owners and we and a number of active elements added to the webmaster circle. N years ago some of the webmaster, sharing experience enthusiasm is very high, I don’t know why they are more and more low-key, I do not know is a career change or bow in the number of money, no empty help to share. To this end, the author summed up some of the old webmaster in the site of some advantages, on the one hand, hope that the old webmaster can actively share more experience, on the other hand, to provide some experience and reference for novice adsense.

1, failure experience is an advantage. Failure experience is the greatest wealth of the old stationmaster. The experience of success is not precious, and the most valuable is the experience of failure. From the experience of most successful people, it is easy to see that nothing succeeds like success. We have experienced thousands of hardships and experienced more or less failures and setbacks. The old webmaster has accumulated a large number of examples of failure and experience in the long time do stand experience, whether it is from the site of initial position, methods and skills in the operation or process, or for a number of measures to deal with search engines, have accumulated a lot of experience of failure. These experiences bring immediate benefits to every new website project. So, it is not difficult to find some of the old owners in the line of some new site project, whether it is construction speed and website weight accumulation rate rises very quickly, the reason is very simple, with the novice webmaster, they go a lot less detours, they are in the same place do not repeat the same mistake. This is the positive effect of the failure of a long web site project.

2, technology accumulation is an advantage. Some people say that technology is not an important factor in the current Internet world. Indeed, the network era as long as you can speak clearly what you need, and pay the expenses, any way can help the third party power to help you, but if you’re a little technical accumulation are useless, what are needed by others, you can easily master the core by others. I have such a friend, spent tens of thousands of dollars, the technical platform, basic users build up, technology to the end, even the domain name roll ran. When we perform what level of things need to find professional people to do that, I believe this site has not generally strong, general site at the early stage and development stage, we still need to understand and master some basic technical knowledge. Not necessarily strictly related to the development, at least can distinguish between good and bad, high quality and not high; not fooled, not frightened. Be able to participate in some technical modifications and feasibility analysis. While meeting functional needs, try to save money and stabilize the site’s subsequent development. I believe that for these, many old Adsense is really admirable, not only good at marketing, but also technically very sophisticated, from simple development, to Web Services >!

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