Talk about what the webmaster should learn from the trend of nternet regulation

first game real name system to the current micro-blog real name system, you can see that the country’s regulation of Internet products more and more stringent. The network game network real name system leads to blossom everywhere, now playing a game the first need is the registration ID number and name; micro-blog? Micro-blog from the beginning of the 09 years also attracted national attention, the rise of micro-blog also caused a lot of disputes in the micro-blog real name system has gradually started; as a webmaster, what should we learn when the country stepped up internet supervision, the following 4 years of my Wangzhuan experience to talk about, what we do next station.

the first step: step up the site for the record, do regular website

can be said the Internet is now 20 per cent of the thirty percent sites have no record in the Ministry, because many sites now are not very formal website, a novel picture station, station, station and so on, these sites not say they are illegal, but it is definitely a part of the illegal website. I suggest we still do this for website owners can be put down, another way of living, from the state of micro-blog’s real name system, may do stand strict qualification of the future of the Internet, for example, shortly before the Wu Aiwen network and by long, are suspected of infringing the copyright and ultimately to the law the edge, so you have to step up the site for the record, do a regular website.

second step: get rid of bad information website, planning website

I tell the truth on the Internet in recent years, saw a lot of website is the name of the banner of bright appearance, in fact, the inner is a mess, full of bad information, a few years ago the state of the Internet is not very seriously, lack of strict management, but with the recent introduction of a series of policies, the bad information webmaster must intensify foresight the site is not clear, some good information delays in their development not to delete harmful information when development must also be good planning website, because information will cause some fluctuations in the website, here the webmaster can do grasp the overall situation, will lead to stable site from fluctuation.

third step: resolutely resist bad advertising, reasonable money


, many owners have a certain development in the website is a lot of to take advertising, advertising will only consider whether the money more or less, so the Internet can be seen on some brand website covered with some spam, which is not only affect the user, strictly control may also lead to websites. We as a webmaster when entering the Internet must deeply understand, some bad advertisement is determined not to take, or it is the loss of self harm, when I do second years had this thing, a color website to hang up ads on my website, every month bid 1000 yuan, I was moved, but I did not do, because as long as you know a little bit of law knew this is killing yourself, so I hope everybody.

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