Webmaster success and failure and how

I used to work online more than 10 hours a day for more than 1 years. What’s mine? Money? No. Not only did not get what · but still went a lot, lost his girlfriend, lost friends. Even the eyes have become very cold day, the spirit has left the body… It’s such a sad time… Now, I changed, is a net friend name: man, I want to thank him, he taught me a lot.. I have changed now. Love helps people and has a broad mind. I don’t want to stand together as do crazy · now; even if only 1 people in my station, I will try to help him! Let him get the answer he wanted ·

, are you a lost station? I am. Are you? I’ve been through pain and frustration before. But I stand up, · if you’re lost, too, I hope you get up too quickly. Www.qiuing.cn, my new station, the lost Adsense community. Lost friends are free to send a few questions. I’ll help you!


remember. My name is flying knife, I want to help with all the webmaster as well as the king. Although I’m only 18 years old, I know the amount of ·, but, on the network, how many masters, they will help you! ·,

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