Several problems should be avoided if you want to be a successful website

1, too much advertising,

visitors browse the web for the purpose of looking at the content of the site, not for advertising. Too much advertising can make a bad impression on visitors, and will make a deep impression that the station is a garbage dump.

2, in the station put pop-up advertising,

many webmaster in order to profit, and the blind pursuit of advertising point Kyrgyzstan, in the station release pop-up. I like browsing the web very much. When I am excited when I am looking at it, a few strange windows pop up and block my view. Sometimes I’m really mad. Like this website, I basically will remember its station name, let it content again wonderful, next time also no, because its pop-up will disturb my happy mood. Besides, the wonderful and real stations are everywhere now.

3, over spending, pick

station is essential to attract and retain the heart of visitors. But too many flowers, it is also a big drawback to the success of the station. As we all know, there are a lot of standing in, the flower store, messy, for half a day, do not know what this station is doing. Maybe you think it’s a personality, but you know you don’t stand at home and enjoy it.

4, lazy idea

has many webmaster, in order to charge its station internal capacity, wantonly massive collection. Every webmaster should know, so the data station is difficult to be included, especially like Baidu, Gu Ge, and so on in the domestic famous search engine. If you lose their platform in the country, you can imagine what your station is going to use, and how many people will have nothing to do every day to remember your domain name. Remember, if you want to succeed, don’t be afraid to give time and labor.

5, malicious promotion

to do a station to keep off, you can let love station content people often go back to your spinning station, let alone do not love you in person to hate your station. For example, some webmaster like to write in the station forced to set the home page of the code, if one is not interested in what you stand content, visitors have no intention of breaking into your station, but immediately get such punishment. You say he will hate you, if you had to report, as can be imagined to have much negative impact.

above is my personal frequent success website and garbage station make contrast summary, is purely personal point of view, for reference only,

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