The financial control of grassroots entrepreneurship determines the prospects for development

from the Hecheng talent network to concentrate on the resignation is now about 4 months time, looking back on the course of 4 months, there are too many stories to summarize, from project selection, project, formal operation, dedicated to financial management, management, marketing and other aspects. Combined with previous experience in the work, the grass-roots entrepreneurship, want to say a few words of their own experience!


grassroots entrepreneurship is nothing, to have what you want, to achieve financial freedom.

is the basis of advanced entrepreneurial project selection, selection of projects, insist, is the entrepreneurial success of 1/3; the second step is the financial control work, because of the grassroots, financial control is not good, even if the project is on, or to fail. The grass root is the rabbit, the finance is the rabbit food, the rabbit wants to run, while looking for food, the food is gone, the rabbit is finished. Entrepreneurship is doomed to failure. The third step is profit model. After choosing the project, a clear profit model is essential. The profit model can be discussed by groups and discussed with relatives and friends, but the mode must be determined as soon as possible. The fourth step is to carry out marketing, the first 3 steps have, and no fourth steps, the same to die. And it’s gonna be a terrible death. Grass roots do not have rich funds, no more connections, they need to discuss the market operation principle with their friends, spend the least amount of money to do the biggest marketing, and get the most effective promotion effect.

of course, there are many other factors that determine the success of a business, such as relationships, market demands, and so on.

Hecheng talent network to 4 months of today, has not yet built its own brand, building their own territory, because of financial control problems arising. At the start of the business, there were no financial problems planned, leading to financial turmoil, and the use of existing resources to build better territory. For example, the Hecheng talent network lost two opportunities to build its own brand. Hecheng talent network next step should be more closely control financial problems, strictly grasp the financial trends, using only the resources to do the biggest planning and vision construction. Hecheng talent network is a city in a corner, is a pilot base in Heilongjiang Province, the operation of his ideas, profit model, success will seriously affect the company’s next step of construction, the operation of the market of ideas.

of course, more friends are welcome to point out the inadequacy of the operation of the Hecheng talent network, and the members of the entrepreneurial team of Hecheng talent network will be very grateful for your comments.

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