The continuous updating of content is an important condition for the survival of the website

vast SEO understand a little, and even in the initial stage of the station, are passionate about every day to update an article, but who can do it? And who can really adhere to the last,


as a webmaster, we are all small, your energy will have very limited, perhaps the early site, we can continue to update it, then to the late, due to gradually reduce the content, persistence is bound to affect the content of the web site. So this is why the interactive type website more exuberant place, because they absorb the collective wisdom of the majority of Internet users, a new article Everfount to website delivery every day, so the site can not stand long! Such as " network ".


as a station webmaster, it is best to find a way to interact with others, let us work together to offer suggestions for the station, it will have a large reservoir of vitality will be


so, what is the best thing to do with the continuous update of the content? In fact, there’s no conclusion. I personally think that, early in the site, best can keep updated daily, so the spider can every day to visit your website, spider slowly on your web site, the trust will improve, because your site is updated every day ah, vitality is strong and active, but this love spider web site. After a period of time, you can gradually reduce the update, because your site has a bit of weight.

anyway, constant updates are the best approach whether for spiders or for users. Your content should not simply copy other people’s, but should have their own views, it is best to meet the visual sense of users, then a steady stream of visitors will visit your website, and record your web site.

well, that’s all. Now you know how important it is to keep the site updated, and try your best to keep your website alive,


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