New sites should be how to quickly improve traffic

, a site established, but they do not understand the promotion, watching it also day after day in "waste", and did not play its due value, to many webmaster heartache and helpless. If you are still blind, why not get your own site search engine’s favor, then the following problems you should take a good look at.

The name of the

1. site,

here, take the weight loss network ( as an example to explain. First we established the site location in front to clear himself in the psychology of the website is related to do with weight loss site, the site is to provide users the methods and experience of some of the most commonly used weight loss and weight loss. The theme of the station must be clear, otherwise it will be very passive.

in the clear above problems can then determine the site name, site name suggested here must contain the keywords, which is very beneficial for a station, because it can be if the search engine has a good ranking can provide us with good flow.

Domain name for

2. site

recently online all over the ship, Baidu has not included.CN class domain name, or it is difficult to include. In fact, I think what the domain name and the station can be included in the search engine has no direct relationship, unless you start not to do well, just think of the content acquisition to fool search engine. In fact, a station can do well and our attitude is closely related, one is your intention to do the station, the real value of user station Baidu or other search engines will treat you. Your efforts will definitely bring you unexpected results. There are some problems in the days before I call Baidu promotion, but also a little about it, the other said the current BAIDU on what kind of domain name suffixes are the same, but the new assessment period will increase, as long as not illegal sites have the substantial contents of the site will be included, is generally 15-30 day. Just like I registered to do this station, is also using the suffix.Cn, Baidu has not discriminated against it.

The space

of the

3. site

site space must be very stable, and this must be guaranteed. Because this is important for both the user and the search engine. Imagine a site can not normally access every two or three days and people will come to you if there is slow as a snail site search engine to crawl the content can’t grab, how can we talk about the website can have a good ranking. Therefore, the choice of space is to ensure that the principle of stability, at least to ensure that the site can be normal access, followed by speed, of course, the faster the better. Also, if you are renting a general virtual host, then you should check the server before you buy the space, the following site has been punished by search engines. It is worth mentioning that, if you >

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