Stingy master teach you how to use the least money to do promotion to maximize

before writing articles, first to say their personal circumstances, graduated 5 years in a certain city engaged in Internet related work, two years ago to go home to start their own web site, then embarked on the road of hard to master. Because it is a grassroots webmaster, resources and contacts will not be very rich, so when doing Lanzhou make-up website, as much as possible on the cost, after all, save every piece of money is their own. It is their very careful in reckoning in this process is summarized, some methods to save money promotion, of course these methods do not affect the actual website promotion effect, there are ways to effect less spending, so to see the money side novice friends without any cause or reason have not to effect, heart budejin, today to share out I hope you can help, please give me more publicity on weekdays.

says a few ways to save money offline (for a variety of sites are more applicable):

1 is printed with corresponding name card, or I can go out and socialize in the hair when you meet with friends and family, the price is not expensive, a box of 10 yuan also, print a few boxes but not casually, to choose meaningful human hair, which we all understand. In addition, I am in the early stage of the site, will be active on the card marked on behalf of mobile phones and telephones, to help some customers do not have time on behalf of information, and slowly accumulate popularity.

2, that one needs money. It doesn’t need it. When nothing on weekdays to often go to a local forum thread reply, if add or comment is rather sharp words better, slowly, but not too much publicity, deleted the bad. Long time operation can be accumulated to a certain extent for their website popularity, and conditional, they have to take the initiative to post, do some event marketing, tracking the current hot spots, speculation. Some time ago Fengjie PS according to fire, and then I was in the made a paste, about makeup can also make a change with a few ugly girls, the network case, the results of the post brought directly as can be imagined, more than 200 IP.

3 in high traffic areas send some leaflets, such as schools, large supermarket, also we can bus and coach expandthe cooperation, our website name will be printed pillow free for their use, the cost is not expensive, 10 dollars a cushion on the well, if this is too expensive, so there is no way. The same reason, order 5000 mouse pad, each cost is 80 Fen, printed on our information station, net name, web site, web site to be eye-catching. These mice pad first free to the Internet bar, two is free to the computer sales, and maintenance personnel for the presentation.

4 in some loose management district painted our website advertising, not too big, random write a few words more attractive words, such as a second beautiful, big eyes + bite lip captured the hearts of all male god, delicate and touching.

Some of the methods mentioned in

are not effective and need a long-term promotion and accumulation

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