Skillful use of QQ space player to bring huge traffic

as everyone knows, the word "QQ" in Baidu search space is huge, but the one hundred thousand QQ sites in the competition, how much is your record? I think it is almost 0. Let me share with you how I can use the two words, QQ space player and QQ space free player, to bring traffic. Just started doing QQ space factory ( when this site, IP is 500, was very silly, very naive, think new station on the line, as long as the main flow of the largest words and can. But I paid a great price for my ignorance. Wasted half a year, traffic has stayed at around 1200. However, I am a person with a stick, and I always insist on updating the original articles every day. At the same time, I have opened a QQ space player channel. Finally, the yellow sky didn’t pay attention. One day, I suddenly found that the word "QQ space player" ran to the second page of Baidu. At that time, it was so exciting. He insisted on one or two months to update the original article, and many of the QQ space station to do friendship connection. (explain here, as long as your station is more original, others are willing to make links with you)


chain, which is the most important factor to promote the site, the network is like a big spider web, every site in the web site, as long as you are in a corner of the net, web spider will follow up to your site, the spider is Baidu and GG. This is the importance of external links, and these may be clear to all of us. I want to say that the key point is how to do outside and even do something. There is a point here, the website is not the more the better, blind to do even, the pursuit of quantity, this problem exists generally, I can be very responsible to tell you, the blind pursuit of quantity, is futile. I have done a website, site built, every day I do not stop doing connections, find a place to do, and the result, PR has been unchanged. A friend of the site, with just one big website to make a connection, one and a half PR up to 3! This so-called station is PR5, Baidu updated daily station. It can be concluded that the focus of the company is not quantity, but quality,


just said the most important external connection, but it is still impossible to achieve the best condition. That’s what I’m going to say, website update. Website update is very important, every day update is more important. Remember, add one every day. It’s important to add it every day. A webmaster friend has just made a stand, the friend is old webmaster, his plan is a plus. A veteran of the old webmaster are using this plan, you can see that every day to update the site is so important.

want to do website, first content location is good, do not waste too much time in the program, after the completion of the website, focus on the content, the contents of the original this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar is indeed very important, indeed, not the original false original.

, finally, I’m great

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