Webmaster how to grasp hot topics and hot topics for their own manufacturing flow

the network is too slow to connect to the server in the afternoon. Can not update the content of the movie station. Take a break and write something! Let me show you,


these days have been watching the CCTV hit TV legend Bruce Lee Bruce Lee! God’s deeds again became the talk of the streets and lanes. TV when Bruce Lee started from the Tangshan big brother became famous, would let him become a box office key. The self directed dragon crossed the river so that he created a myth of Hongkong movies. Next night, talk about his death game. All these things, Bruce Lee is not tight, is famous in the drama, but once again aroused our admiration for this national hero, let us more want to know more about Bruce Lee deeds.

so I’m sure about Bruce Lee about the movie, the characters. Recently will become the hot spot of search. Yesterday, Bruce Lee’s son’s name, Guo Hao, became the fastest keyword to rise, enough to prove that. For the 360 movie theater for me, I certainly will not miss this opportunity, immediately put Bruce Lee’s film sorted out, put on the front page, and then release Bruce Lee film collection in the major forums. Similar to the following:


usually gets a response when they’re released, because they want to know about them too. But when I mentioned it, they were happy to talk about it. So as to achieve the purpose of publicity. The reason, I don’t need to say, often mix Admin5 webmaster should understand.

this is just one example of what I am giving you. In fact, there are many such things in life that can arouse interest. Metaphor of the current financial crisis, resulting in many enterprises closed, pay cut! There is a netizen made a topic, today you pay a cut?. The responder is very heavy. "Did you take a pay cut today?" it became a buzzword in the internet.

and Internet users related things to arouse their sympathy, webmaster friends must master this psychology. The back to the webmaster friends to play it, I know you must do better than me, 3 consecutive days Admin5 squeezed toothpaste! Love this place more and more. I’ll come often later. Exercise your own writing skills, learn from your experience. In this paper, by the www.360dyy.com/ station feeds.

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