Stationmaster talk where is the individual stationmaster that goes alone

some of the old topic, but also some boring, for business owners or is just a hobby do stand friend, tell me what you will see. This article try not to write a review, not long essay to pull SP done before, do ya, who do GG. But I still have to write from the start.

webmaster circle said big not big, say small also not small, specific I didn’t go statistics, but at least tens of thousands of webmaster in this bar, but this circle of people are basically familiar with. Now there are more and more young people are into the crowded city, a group of old webmaster have disappeared for a large part, are still struggling with the retire after winning merit. Wait。 Now the "webmaster" has not been that simple personal webmaster, webmaster circle in general refers to the website or e-commerce as the goal or part of the cause of the crowd. Team in the past two years more popular, personal strength is limited, you are good at doing promotion, but not good at doing technology, do technical know how to operate. Wait a minute, of course, there are friends with several jobs. Now, this article is mainly about personal Adsense out of the way.

webmaster way out of transfiguration chapter

throw aside your distracting thoughts and get out of your dreams. Don’t fantasize that your navigation station is hao123 265 114la. First, the times are different! Have not the dream of pure years! Second points, different modes of operation, the 265 is representative, Cai Wensheng can sell Google, just because of his large flow? Third point view changed, this can be said to be 114la, it is a very positive person? Your answer is not. Even if it was, it wasn’t the head, not 2009. You! A person, do a station to dream bigger and bigger? Please stop this childish idea, but I do not deny that there will be some good site but I don’t think that talent shows itself, because from the station is you! 06 years rarely spell out the personal site, you do not say happy farm? No, that is not a station, even if it is a station, then I have to tell you I’m sorry, they also started the team. And you don’t have that kind of technology, maybe you have that kind of technology, and you don’t have that mentality. Ordinary people should have illusions, but also must recognize reality. Wake up, stationmaster friend.

said some way out: turn network operators, that is to sell products, the sweetness is certainly not small, and now you can go in. It is not very late, when the online shopping market was completely eaten, you have to shout: Oh I how how how how, then you will only shout, now the market is not completely filled, because demand is still very large, for example, I know it, he sold the what Taobao has, other e-commerce sites, such as Baidu has ah, pat and so on. Are there, but they do not have your hands is the resources, what resources? That is the people you know, for example, there are many members of the forum behind it, they will buy your product, and not to buy Taobao people who do not know.

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