Mou Changqing micro blog promotion experience in fact focus on executive power

released the final list of 28 apprentices at 2 this week and began his first apprentice entry. The task is officially delivered to the disciples at about 2 noon this week at around 12. Ask the apprentices to sign up for a brand-new Tencent, micro-blog, and make 500 listeners in 5 days. Before doing this task, many students did not want to complete this task, because most of them have registered micro-blog before, playing for a few months, less than 500 listeners. Now it’s a big challenge for them to be 500 listeners in 5 days.

, but a lot of things to do before I know, in my opinion, this task is not difficult, mainly to exercise the implementation of the disciples, and the basis of the poor disciples, as long as seriously done, are able to complete. But the final result was beyond my expectation, and the disciples did better than I had expected. At the beginning of the mission, I didn’t directly tell my micro-blog audience how much experience they had. I prefer the spontaneous learning and communication in the course of their implementation, because only some of the skills they have learned will be able to remember deeply. In the implementation process of the apprentice, found that they have done not in place, then the appropriate point under. In order to observe the effect of task progress in real time the apprentice, I used a ID vest, listening to the 28 disciples task micro-blog, observe how they are going to perform tasks in the group also often see their conversation. In the first place, the final results of the 28 disciples, including at least 514 listeners and the highest audience of 2235, were published.


I have used a vest to go through every test, # # gets 100 brigade to listen to each other to the audience. But because Tencent has limited access, it’s nice to add 200 listeners a day. So it’s not a simple and difficult task to arrange. But I never expected, on the first day of the mission, there was an apprentice, 700 listeners, completed the task. The apprentice is Wu Di, number 15.

many friends may feel through mutual listen to what the audience didn’t brigade get technical content, but is it really? The same people are playing each other to brigade, some people may need to increase 100 listeners for 1 days, but some people may only need 10 minutes. Just say "I", try to use the vest number to try to increase the number of listeners by up to more than 100 a day, because when micro-blog prompts the day to listen to restrictions, I don’t know how to continue. But by doing this and watching the disciples carry out the task, I learned a lot from it, and then I tested it with my vest. I scored 2 times each time in less than 10 minutes. As a result, second days of reading increased the number of listeners by more than 200. That is, I added 200 listeners in less than 20 minutes. I never thought of it before. See here, you may want to know how to achieve, do not worry, the article will say slowly.


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