SNS is another form of Forum

SNS, he’s just another kind of forum, not a sophisticated community,.

people can talk freely in SNS,

and the forums are the same. You can talk freely,

is just the forum, there are moderators in management, and SNS administrator in the management of.

SNS is a place where people make friends. If you are interested in a friend, you can go to see his information, see his blog, and join his group,

forum is the same, you can look at his information, you can also see his blog, you can also see his article, but also in his post inside replies, explain your point of view.

SNS is not something new, but people used to BBS this form, just change a taste just, this is the place where people communicate with people, which kind of communication is very convenient,.

actually in this, the important is not what program, important is not what new term, but your users, your group Hugh, no matter what way you capture your users, you will succeed.

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