Share how to apply for Taobao alliance and promote advertising unit price techniques

Taobao alliance is the predecessor of Ali mother alliance, belonging to the Alibaba group, is China’s largest e-commerce advertising alliance, Taobao Taobao and Tmall customer website promotion advertising alliance based on Taobao alliance in 2010 to share 1 billion yuan commission.

many old Adsense to Taobao alliance is more familiar with, a few years ago "Taobao guest" tide still fresh in memory, at that time, Taobao customer promotion is considered as one of the important ways for personal Adsense to get income. But with Baidu on Taobao off site hit, in just a few months off the Taobao group quickly dissipated, the successful transformation of Taobao alliance in silence for some time after Ali mother alliance, to obtain rapid growth, just a year’s time on the growth of coverage after Baidu and Google Adsense giant.

now, many large portals and vertical sites have launched Taobao alliance window display advertising, from the Taobao Alliance announced weekly income list can be seen, divided into high.


note: according to the Taobao alliance, the revenues of well-known media are not on the list. For example, the four major portals.

a lot of personal website will also be put on the website of Taobao windows to promote an important position, today I want to share with you is how to apply for promotion click billing Taobao windows, and how to improve the Taobao window advertising price. Taobao alliance promotion application is no threshold window, but there is a dividing line, is less than 60 thousand PV by the sales site is divided into the basic income is not what, more than 60 thousand PV sites can apply for click billing, there is 500 thousand PV can apply for a monthly fee.

so twenty thousand below the PV site for Taobao window advertising is no income, more than twenty thousand of the site can according to skills to apply to 60 thousand PV standard click charging mode. Twenty thousand PV site according to the truth is not eligible to apply, but can be calculated according to Taobao union traffic, put 3 of the same code in a single page window advertising, then calculated the date of PV is 60 thousand, you can apply for the click billing, and in accordance with the rules as long as you pass the application, even if you can also flow down continue to click, so after g less put some.



above is the daily return Taobao alliance, I only put the website information channels we can refer to the next placement, because Taobao windows price is in accordance with the position and flow, I had put the tail, a thousand times only 1-2, on the right is 4-5. Although I stand every day only more than 20000 PV, but the background statistics flow in the 7-8 million, because I put 3 Taobao window advertising. Taobao’s window ads have a much higher click rate than Baidu and Google, or even double.

window advertising unit price and location, as well as the conversion rate. According to the old >

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