Tough choice continue to stand or go to network company

network company is very strange to me. I often think of it as a place to do web pages, not a website. I also wrote the difference between doing a website. Yesterday, a friend told me that I would like to try a network company in Yulin, he is also ready to go, we work together. I am relatively surprised, but also a lot of emotion.

what will my future look like from career development goals? Can I live on my website for a lifetime? I’ve thought about it before, but as time goes on, I’m getting scared too. I am 23 years old this year, young people may lack the fearless spirit of adventure, I always think of doing things now, on whether the site can have a lifetime and I don’t want to talk about. I was thinking of looking for an Internet company, but what I do best is the operation and the type of network editing, and the technical aspect is not particularly strong. I also have no chance, after all, the network company in Yulin is still rare. In places like Yulin, the post on the Internet is not so easy to find. Now I have the opportunity to find a job in an Internet company. Should I go to


if I work alone, I can earn money from my past experience, but my income online is very hard and unstable. I’m so frustrated with doing websites, and I have the idea of living a normal life this year, and I’m not going to go on with it any more.

now feel that he and society from the fierce, every day thinking is how to optimize the website, how to improve the site traffic, in the eyes of only IP and bank card digital change. Every day facing the computer, people become indifferent. And friends together, we are talking about the troubles of life, work problems, treatment and love, marriage and other topics. But I don’t have any leader in my life. I don’t have any job concept. I feel more and more out of my mind.

nationwide web site, it’s easy to make some traffic and make money, but I feel too insecure. I’d be happy if I could get a local network later. To do the site in this place to bear the pressure, a lot of people wonder why I do not work, seems to work, money is not normal, the work of the 23 year old I seem imminent.

I’m a real personal webmaster, I had been 4 years in the network, after 4 years of hard site, as the true meaning of a website of the full-time webmaster, I feel very tired. Everyone says how free the freelancer is, but the price is not affordable to the average person. My eyesight is going down sharply. Now I see things are blurred. In order to make money, my body is almost broken. How do you choose your work and website? When you are faced with such a choice, what is your choice? I am faced with such a choice.

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