The development model of the website determines the motive force of development

is calm down today to write something, mainly want to sum up their own experience. In the front, I published several articles, all in the discussion of their own site failure experience. Now I have to think about what I’m trying to avoid in the future. Ha-ha。 On the basis of drawing on my experience of failure, I was able to rethink the framework and content development model of the website. Now I have the following experience:

my new station, welcome to see, stock comment network. Here’s a combination of my website’s content architecture, usability, and content development model. Content framework for ease of use: First: facilitate visitor applications. The simple thing is to go straight to the subject. Never tolerate. My point is to imitate the layout of to make. Here, let me say briefly about the layout, content and structure of my station:


home page is on a search page and is inside the search page. The content is divided into 5 parts.


my site hasn’t been designed yet, LOGO. Currently in the design of invite people. The home page gives a clear view of the people who came to my station, providing a very detailed content structure and providing them with very simple things. Never tolerate, site theme in one step. This fully demonstrates the ease of use.

second: content structure, I modeled on the basic content of the station to carry out the content model. Make a reasonable classification of all relevant content. We focus on the relevant categories directly related to their topic of interest.

I got this idea by analyzing the related content, model, and source of this website. Of course, his basic station faces most things, and my content is only for 1700 objects, relatively small. But there are different changes every day. It’s enough for us to have originality every day. And can combine a lot of interest in the relevant analysis of things.

through my initial analysis of the 2 stations and the adoption of their model structure, I feel that my station has a clear positioning and future power to play. I highlight the ease of use and convenience. The second is to highlight the contents of the update quickly. The characteristics of hot spots. Here, I suggest you webmaster, after the site to highlight 2 major themes, one is easy to use, and the other is content.

welcome everyone interested to go to my station to have a look. My station is currently based on the DZ forum. SS uses it to make a basic knowledge. Then there’s the theme of a white paper and black book like 3G.NET.CN. Is to put aside the daily experience and summary of the finishing up, published a theme every month. So that we can focus on it. And form very good things.


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