Some experience in free movies

that website originally wanted to make a movie blog, and found a few friends to write, and found that the flow from SE is too small. Users of the attitude of the film or limited viewing in just go, and willing to communicate with friends about the poor, and the film version of the NetEase doing really good, so he changed the way, found the word "online movie" is very fire, but the competition is too fierce, I can provide the film only a few only, even if the word do up, need from the SE user can not find the film, will soon leave, that have what meaning; so I thought of the movie name + online watch this approach to. This not only conforms to the ordinary user’s search habit, but also lets my website’s resources can display the maximum efficiency. After a period of observation, some methods are summarized:

1 is more important, the time of the page, if to want to make movies, watching TV, movie started advertising, began to do it, not too early, some movies have been released and also to search the word, the netizen is divided into two categories: one category is the money of the students that information is developed, and the first time to search new films; the second is recommended to others after watching the movie, the movie may have been off the assembly line, could not see, will find on the internet. Some of the small cost of the movie promotion investment is not a lot, but in some factors, will be in the online fire special fire, such as "Crazy Stone" of the word, although I do relatively late, but before a large number of search traffic, so traffic is not bad.

2, Hollywood film will generally translated into several different names that you use the name, whether is well known, because I had made a name with the public and to the film, watched the user from the SE chain to the other station.

3, plus good movies, comments, reviews in the film, you can play your own language, Fu Fu, plus some users do not look bored, search engines prefer words. Remember in a film review in a lifetime not energy-saving, read the best of AV also frustrated "this sentence, so that energy-saving, AV is harmonious phrase also found GOOGLE from my website, is really unintentional.

4, the main focus is on a large piece of money for publicity, and the audience’s preferences will still be dominated by big investments.

now the online movie resources are quite abundant, potatoes, video sites do SEO have a certain degree of difficulty, carefully analyze the Internet search psychology, more effort in the details, it is still relatively good.

, everybody is fine. Come to my station and play. Relax and drop in on something.

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