To be a webmaster you must learn to bear hardships first

as the network technology change rapidly, the webmaster has not to understand the programming, the code is not never mind, CMS and web page templates can make the network popular among many layman become overnight webmaster, precisely, as long as you like, a website overnight, even the portal can rise rapidly, from the network as the Internet has come the spring bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the bamboo forest is the site, a wild profusion of vegetation grow with. Today you ready? Maybe tomorrow, you will be the rise of new China station.

as a station owner, in addition to others can not see the hard work and fatigue, what outsiders see is infinite glory and glory. Speak of oneself is the stationmaster of so and so large portal website, can feel pride is full. What is not known to the outside world, however, is that it is the fruit of youth and countless sleepless nights, which have been neglected by all the people, the most difficult time for the stationmaster to endure.

when someone in front of the TV watching live football, we can only take a few seconds to look at the computer text broadcast; when someone accompany girlfriend shopping, we can take the risk of any single continue to operate their station; when someone falls asleep in the quiet night snoring, we are still busy with their own things until three in the morning; when someone called we are crazy, is useless to cling to the network when we are quietly grown up; when people need to find the information in our website, but forget who is behind he.

is our, e era webmaster, we have suffered too much pressure, but also with the greatest hope. As a webmaster, we are a complex, difficult, we must be quite; face of success, we must endure, endure most people nervous so flighty and impetuous, we have not far greater success.

do the most tired thing, from the love of this land, the webmaster is because love the Internet this fertile land, just think of the site in this oasis sowing, just looking forward to the day of blossom and fruit. But the waiting process is the most difficult, so we must learn to adjust, kuzhongzuole, harvest will be more happy.

The face of complicated

code, we are not afraid to face the darkest and most profitable; before long, we are not afraid of the face; others laugh and do not understand, we are not afraid of; face all hardships, we are not afraid.

well, what are we afraid of? To do the website, we must first learn to be ourselves and be the most authentic ourselves. We want to feel the best stationmaster, we have a strong body, and indomitable fighting spirit, we carefully, we are also very patient, in the midst of pain and suffering to make himself grow up, one day when we see our website or Chinese ranked in the forefront of the world, you will know before is not afraid of difficulties, the road ahead, but also afraid of what


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