Some of the latest tricks to redesign your web site

every year, I will pay close attention to the launch of the new design website SEM best case. In the past four or five years, most of my advice has been the same. Today, we discuss some techniques that can be changed.

introduces a redesigned web site that can cause many problems because the old content goes to a different location. Make sure most of your pages are complete, and for the main time to speed up indexing, your new web page is the most important SEM related issue.

is a convenient way to include new URL. in your XML sitemap, which is not new, but over the past year, Google has provided a large number of flexible XML site maps.

you can also mix content in sitemap files to make it easier to build and manage feedback. For example, redesign requires multiple sets of different pages that were once in the WWW subdomain and distributed in four new subdomain names. In the past, you might validate these subdomains by using the station management tool, and then place a sitemap file in each subdomain.

you also need to validate all subdomain names, but you can now put the four subdomain pages into a single XML feed and put the files in any of the four subdomain names.

you can also set up five different XML feedbacks and submit them through a single site, accounting for the management area. The official clearly states: "all URL in the sitemap must be on the same host.". If the site map is located in, it cannot be included Hunchun from URL. "now, only Google pays attention to this particular approach, YAHOO and Microsoft’s Live search engine, also attaches great importance to the standard robots.txt automatic discovery technology.

due to platform constraints or other technical issues, your URL must be adjusted. In a perfect redesign, your URL should be short and user-friendly, and it doesn’t need to be adjusted.

if your site has thousands of pages, it is technically impossible to redirect each page to a new copy. If you have limited resources to decide what URL is good for rebooting, I recommend two different tests.

first, evaluate the most popular login pages. Many sites have 80/20 or R 90/10 systems, and a large amount of traffic comes into the site through relatively small sites, URL. Log on to web pages, not just organic search. When it selects the important URL, each login point is equally important.

second, which is a valuable alternative to reboot URL, is using YAHOO sites, browsers, or valleys

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