My hometown network in Shenzhen

, everybody, come write again. Don’t throw me with stinky eggs.

has been floating in Shenzhen for a long time. It has also been sold and has done well. At least you can enjoy it.

spare time work site, often to the webmaster nets and out to look at, but their station never earn money, because it could not find a breakthrough, search to search, it seems that all good projects have friends do, and do well. Really can not find a suitable place to start, then, why not use the characteristics of Shenzhen city of immigrants, a specially for foreigners in Shenzhen in exchange site


case: [Shenzhen fellow network,, with fellow villagers, floating in Shenzhen’s Day is no longer lonely,]

first look at the characteristics of Shenzhen, the vast majority of people are from the field, native born locals may be less than 2 million, while outsiders are said to have tens of millions. Everyone is busy with their own affairs, almost no friends, because we all speak foreign accent, speak less standard Mandarin exchange. Like me, is the northeast, listening to Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and other places of the dialect, almost do not understand, so to deep for a few years, in addition to some colleagues, students, basically do not know what foreign friends.

the two line every day life, home, home, want to then go to school or 3.1, now work has become two first-line, ha ha, more miserable! Sometimes want to feel sad, mixed in the city is not easy.

if there is a dedicated exclusively to find fellow website or forum, everyone in the work, you can easily find the same dialect friend said to myself, I think a lot of people are in great need. With the villagers together, can chat, or irrigation water, flat-share, carpool, fight a class of rice, will be more convenient, even if fellow was in purchasing or selling, they can do further communication, to achieve the win-win goal.

here’s an example:

a few days ago to the Shenzhen computer market is in Shenzhen Huaqiang North SEG, friends will know that there sell computer shops very very much, I’m going to buy a computer, because a person does not know, directly into a store, let them offer member price. Just sitting down and talking about my needs, their manager came up and asked, "brother, is it northeast?" I said, "yes," he said. "I’m from Harbin."." As a result, the manager sent the quotation man away and he offered me the price himself. Since there was no obstacle to the conversation, I signed the order in less than ten minutes. (of course, the price is not the cheapest, but at least below the market price. I used to have computers, and I have to earn money.)

later, another of them said: "passage >

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