Pure combat anatomy the outlet of Chinese medical station

started in 2012 from Baidu’s home healthcare market. All kinds of medical sites in the spring is the head. After six months. A medical station that has restored weight rankings. Or very few. In all kinds of webmaster forums, the most discussed topic is: what is the outlet of the medical station? I also want to know the answer. Although I play soy sauce. Read a soft text this morning. Suddenly felt something. Take a look at the heat at once. Offer a brick. We hope that we can draw common attention and reflection.


foreigner’s train of thought is clear. Domestic Chinese style SEO went to extremes. Baidu revolution. All over. In fact. We should stand on the user’s point of view. Change the angle. The world suddenly lit up. Tell me some personal opinions about the outlet of Chinese medical station. (pure combat anatomy. Not parallel imports. Dry cargo.


1, the development of user oriented service website


what is called user oriented?. Why would Baidu retain the medical question and answer platform?. There may be some commercial reasons. We don’t guess that. But you can’t deny the user experience of the industry question and answer platform. Doctors attending major hospitals answered questions online. Then drain to the corresponding outpatient service of each big hospital. This is not a medical industry in the future direction. Then, enterprise station. We can also develop a user oriented enterprise station. In addition to some of the hospital’s specialty products and qualifications. Let’s do more of our clients’ real needs. Some pages and blocks that can reduce customer spending and consulting time. Example: do some customer service functions on the site’s striking location. For example, online registration. Such as personal exclusive expert online answer. For example, online booking beds. Such as personal electronic medical records and so on, a number of special services. A station with good experience. Naturally there will be rankings.

2, development, increase user experience, mobile applications


mobile Internet era. This app for mobile apps. It’s far from simple websites draining such simple functions. Online payment. Online order. Online booking. Online inquiry and other practical face 2 face functions have become more and more popular and universal. A slightly more formal hospital. Yes, I think we should consider investing in mobile phone applications. Layout words. I think. Or jump out of the circle of products and optimization?. Everything is based on user service and convenience. You’re walking in the front. You’re the fastest one. Example: you can do some of the elderly heartbeat and blood pressure testing, and data aggregation function. Let the family keep an eye on the family’s physical condition.

3, WeChat, micro-blog and other enterprises from the media development,

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