Building a website is like opening a shop

"to build a website to open a store like" this is to contact the site since I feel a leak, I also built several sites, before there are conceived with the idea to surf the Internet with the source code, can not find the complete source code with the purchase, but the website function demand too much, so the source code are not in line with their own needs, can only say that with 90%, but the 10% do not meet, how to do, please modify the family, poor popularity, people can not find, only indigenous, modify their own, do not know ASP, to buy books it is no time to learn, first rengzhao, etc. are free to modify, ah, a good idea, because of several reasons for this, but also wasted.

it is easy to change, not change, a good idea to find from the source, the good domain name registration, uploaded to the space, then modified to give up, repeated several times, ah, the angry wife, his wife said: "I want to be a children’s learning network, you help me find a similar the program, and then uploaded to the space, you do not need to modify the program, other things you don’t mind, I’ll do it,"

Oh, do not understand computer, not written procedures for the wife said, my wife is boring, life, do it, look, look, find a new cloud CMS variant four Bo, small game site, support the function of FALSH, oh, this is quite consistent, do. Now, out of a space and domain name, will upload the source code, the domain name solution, the report, the task is completed, the little wife, the rest rely on you retire after winning merit.

so, wife busy with the maintenance of website, update the information on children’s learning network, daughter playing FLASH teaching, is to help check the contents have no problem, I do, if I have time at night, to help do some promotion, started looking for a new link in the Ali Mama forum messages, then email, QQ group a message, a month down, ah, Alexa ranked more than 5 million, the effect is good, good, you do not laugh, there is such a result, I am very satisfied, before building sites are hundreds of thousands of


has encouraged me and has been ashamed of me, but let me sum up some of my experience:

1, a web site as a store, whether the store is good, the store must goods, our website is the same, no matter how good the website interface, must have content, is the same person, must have the connotation.

2, good shop can get started faster, but bad stores can not operate it? It is also possible to operate, the customer key depends on the quality of your goods, look at your service attitude.

3, the supply of goods, no one to buy is useless, it should be advertising, advertising, let more people know there is such a shop no..

4, what goods to enter is also very critical, but experience is accumulated by peacetime, and just started the shop, inexperienced, what goods are entered, a period of time >!

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