Businesses how to prevent scalping cheated a domain name trap two patterns

this is one of the series of articles about scalping technology. It is also the first one. The main content of this article is: domain name trap

talking about domain name cheating, there are two main modes:

first uses the multi-level domain name to imitate Taobao

wanted to buy something like domain name, the basic is not realistic, regardless of the cost, only from the legal perspective, Taobao has been copyright protection, if your domain name taobao…… .com, there’s a good chance that Ali will take back your domain name when you file a lawsuit.

then, since a domain name is not, use the two domain name, and even the three domain name.

, for example,

in the domain name, the red font section is a level domain name, the blue font + red font is two level domain name, green font + blue font + red font is three level domain name.

wants to imitate Taobao, which only needs to do a similar three level domain name.

is the first cheat mode about domain name, this is very simple, as long as the business always prompt Huo careful, you can avoid being cheated, check the domain name suffix, find a domain name, you can prevent.

second uses hosts to hijack cheats

such a model, mostly in Internet cafes and installed studios, and its best application is not a single brush, but to do Taobao customers, first look at the effect, such as the following dynamic chart:


if you know how to build a friend, this effect can be easily achieved, but the layman does not really understand.

this kind of mode, once installed with friends in the studio, Internet cafes cooperation, double eleven day, day in the hundreds of thousands, of course, when most of Taobao and Tmall – cross point settlement authority, Taobao Union rules are not many.

specific Taobao passenger operation mode, is actually very simple, is Taobao’s link to jump to the Tmall home page, of course, that now most of the students are not cross shop settlement authority, but still there are people doing, difference is to jump page change for the love of the Taobao home page.

well, then dry goods came, how to produce the above effect? Obviously enter is, that is,, domain name is absolutely not wrong, and that the problem is where,


that’s the heart of this lesson: hosts

first, we need to find the location of hosts, which is usually in C:WindowsSystem32driversetc

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