A bit of advice on how to increase the amount of web access

traffic is king, as to how to enhance the amount of web access, here are some effective ways to find online. Among them, you may have adopted some, some methods you may have forgotten to adopt, and others you have never heard of. In short, here you can finish to the current effective website promotion methods.

first of all, let me first talk about the reason why web access is not available:

1, the website does not make sufficient investigation and research work, do not know oneself target customer group arrives hastily;

2, the domain name and web site name does not correspond, or difficult to remember, not easy to input;

3, navigation structure arrangement is unreasonable, the page structure is confused;

4, web pages often appear dead links, affecting reading;

5, lack of content source, update speed is slow;

6, interactive is not strong, can not stick to the browser;

what about that,

?Do you want to

1, a good location, the station is what to do, for what people choose a good domain name, easy to remember, a relationship with the site, such as my station, Guangdong, graduating students in the job, I would choose www.gdyjsheng.com probably has something to do.

2 navigation is supposed to be easy for search engines, and at the bottom of the page, use regular HTML links to make a navigation bar to make sure you navigate through each page of the site.

3 site, it is best not to appear too many dead links, which is very annoying for users.

4 content is king, the content of the web site is the most important, no content, that will definitely attract no one, the best is original, search engines like most, and there is every day updates, must adhere to.

5 swaps links, looking for sites that complement your site’s content and asking for a link. The most fantastic links are those that correspond to the traffic on your site. The website administrator with too much traffic has to deal with too many requests for exchanging links, which will easily ignore you.

6 soft Wen, to the good station published articles, in the article with short text with description of what you offer, and add your website. Writing soft text ability depends on your individual ability, a good soft text may bring you unexpected IP.

above a few points, I think it is good, we feel good on the top! Welcome to correct me, Guangdong graduating student job network.

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