SNS e commerce will become the next Nuggets point

with the deepening of summer, the temperature throughout the country continues to rise. But the domestic social networking sites, the long summer vacation did not bring popularity, but blowing out coolness?? at the beginning of July 360 circle website announced the closure, July 15th, real ant community website network due to funding strand breaks, unable to continue operations, the site will be closed on July 30th. The SNS site closed one after another incident, some industry insiders believe that the domestic SNS website has been from the past to the present hot development is slow, SNS fever is gradually fever. Another source said, deputy director of the General Administration of press and publication of Sun Shoushan said that the General Administration of press and publication will release the "rules" of Internet game management approval and "Internet Literature Publishing Services Management Approach" and other regulations. Among them, for all types of online game approval conditions and procedures made detailed and strict regulations, including SNS online games and children SNS games.

is a community website showing weakness, the other side is the search giant’s "look at fiercely as a tiger does". The SNS industry seems to be on the crossroads of industry reshuffle and new division".

SNS website "cold outside the heat now tired


SNS website and enter China for several years, especially in the strong development of Facebook and other foreign SNS website under the drive of the China SNS website has gradually been friends to know, love, and even the development of the network higher in recent years, the phenomenon of heat. In terms of gathering popularity, the SNS site has been successful.

estimates that by the end of 2009, the number of Internet users in China using friends and social networking sites will reach 124 million, according to CNNIC. Million Swiss data Internet industry analyst, senior Internet expert Yu Ming said: "a large user base, to attract capital market on the SNS website’s interest, making both the SNS website itself, or related areas of the website SNS has a huge potential investment opportunities will." However, the seemingly flourishing appearance fails to change the internal cooling of SNS and even the trend of "cooling".

survey shows that many SNS sites are losing money, and more than 80% of the social gaming revenue in the country is only a few thousand dollars a month. No clear profit model has become the industry focus on the future development of the SNS community website. Many social networking sites launched the "closures" also shows that, today’s SNS website, is now tired. Reported that the closure of the ants network is due to capital strand breaks. If the development of social networking sites has to rely on continuous funding to support, then we can be so conclusive, there is a big problem of its profit model.

Development report of

million Swiss data released in 2009 China SNS industry analysis, SNS community website provides products such as components, applications, games and entertainment, are used to enhance user stickiness, which is currently the SNS community website competition stays in an important embodiment of the operational level.


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