When can you run across the net

  capital of college founded "sideways to see" web site       students invention sideways to see website claiming to be run sideways     cross network now should be considered more fire, refers to the promotion of good cross network creativity is also very good, some place is really it is worth learning.

1, cross network innovation itself is very good, see, the first sideways to see website. The first thing to recognize is your team’s sense of innovation, this is not acceptable, others do not admit that you can not, you are the first, innovation, this aspect is worth learning.

2, you change the price of advertising is also very good, it may be easier to attract advertisers to advertise, some friends say you have passed on to later advertising advertising owners, with the pyramid like, I want to say this friend is lack of deep thinking, love is more self-sufficient judge people. This is also the first mode of your advertisement, this advertising model is worth reference.

3, your self promotion consciousness is very strong, the society is in need of such a galaxy of talents, who learned, sell, sell yourself, will win the opportunity.

that’s where I personally feel I should study, but there are problems.

site positioning is very important, accurate positioning of the site, related to the rapid development of the site, then what is the positioning of the network,


from the cross network anchor there to listen, your service can provide enterprise video software, and web site space and domain name, but also for the price of advertising, then this website consultant, look down like your website is mainly to provide network service set.

but you look at Wang set up network and the other service seems to have several channels too much, watching the news, Wang Heng, Wang health finance, Wang woman and so on, and look at the Olympic Games, cross cross entertainment, I think this should be a national portal website you should have it, the main business is to provide network services for the enterprise, and at most only in Hebei province more, it is quite a contrast.

and the main channel cross business with entrepreneurial story if you link, a business no ground for blame, the website is right, there are projects, entrepreneurial story, but you venture a few? Better than U88, and then look at the story, and I think a lot of? Personal webmaster friends just can tell many stories of success.

looking at the elite, self recommendation, dynamic, cross media attention, the channel is about several channels of your own self promotion, this is good to you in the promotion of your team is very good, but also a little more a bit, there are several sub channels, which can be used a summary of them, let people see your website, it feels like not too.

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