Talking about the huge profits of website navigation station

since hao123256, these well-known domestic web sites, navigation stations have been to Baidu and Google after a high price acquisition, the domestic launch of the establishment of site navigation station boom, trying to copy a good 123 success model. But often it is difficult to replicate success later. Because hao123’s success is to catch the Internet users’ laziness mentality, and they have achieved great success. If new navigation stations change their user habits from these successful website navigation, and grab a batch of users, it is difficult to estimate,

vast numbers of webmaster rush up, but want to share a cup of soup. Gradually, however, it became increasingly easy to find that copying websites was simple, but copying other people’s success stories was not that simple. Site easily on the line, but promotion has become a big problem. Therefore, the website navigation station is countless, but the success also only has hao123, 265, 114la and so on several. Hao123 and 265 needless to say, the emergence of 114la although late, but its success is obviously, because the 114la is ylmf with software influence, binding promotion, this is also a kind of resource release.

, I’ve got a habit of going to the 51la statistical charts to see the rankings when I’m okay. From the first place has been studied to the top 20 or so. Although the top 20 are changing every day, 1-2 of the top 10 are navigation stations. Rest assured that the navigation station I mentioned is neither hao123 nor 256. But some names that we may not have heard of. I’m surprised everyone doesn’t say that the subsequent navigation stations have almost failed. Why is there so much traffic,


as we all know, navigation stations basically rely on monthly advertising fees to make ends meet. I just opened the charts and counted the following. Specifically, I wouldn’t say which navigation station is. His daily IP is probably around 100 thousand. I can’t figure out other income. It can only be considered as monthly advertising. (because the income is almost transparent) some ads are 1000 yuan. Yes, 2000 yuan. Some even 5000. The cheapest is also 500 a month. More or less added up to one month of optical statistics, light monthly advertising is more than 5W.

is the most exasperating me SITE his name. Baidu only included one of his home pages. Check the relevant information, this domain name is the site before the novel station. It’s only 2 months since I turned into a navigation station. 2 months of traffic, from 0 to do around 10. Monthly income reached more than 50 thousand. Although I have been on the Internet for more than 2 years. See many people but also many expert encounters the expert or make me feel inferior. Then find a few on the network. Study his station together. Almost any friend can not believe, 2 months of time flow from 0 to do about 10. Monthly income reached more than 50 thousand. But it is the fact that we have to believe in it. Then I studied for a few days and figured it out. I studied it myself. I didn’t know what he did for a year

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