The money left in Alipay and three party company safety coefficient is high

recently in the Alipay withdrawal time, suddenly found a little not the same place, as shown in figure



remember that when you made withdrawals, you were able to reach your account in 1-2 days. Most of them arrived on the same day, but now it’s changed to second working days.

we can think about Taobao’s trading volume reached 100 million a day, that is to say, Alipay every day hundreds of millions of funds can dominate, we do a simple arithmetic:

assumes that daily online transactions amounted to 100 million (pay treasure known as 400 million day), the withdrawal of the 50% people, a month now 75% people have


then stay in the third party to pay the company’s money every month there are: 1*30*0.25 million =7.5 million

think about it. What’s the interest rate when 750 million is in the bank?


will understand, why the major portal companies have established their own electronic money! Because it is good


are these companies at risk? Of course not. Look at the contracts of these companies and know that if your account is hacked, it’s your own responsibility, because you don’t have your own accounts protected,


you don’t forget to put the money in a Alipay or other payment companies that do not have any interest.

recently, my friend’s father, who failed to invest in the Lehman brothers, has been saving for 40 years,


150 years of Lehman brothers can go bankrupt, you can imagine, put money in an unsecured third party company is how terrible thing


my friend has been suggesting that I try to keep my money in a government guaranteed bank. Even though these banks are quite regular, we know that the government won’t let him have an accident. And the government has no obligation to guarantee a private listed company,


in addition to Alipay, I think in the PayPal, caifutong and other dozens of domestic third party payment company money, everyone in a timely manner to mention now!

although paypal for small cash withdrawals, but also charge fees, but when the economy is unstable, security is the first!


of course, this is not to discourage you from using these payment tools. To tell the truth, Alipay, caifutong, very good use! But now Internet banking so easily, you can when you need to use it, then give you the Alipay


it’s not easy for us to make some money. We must keep it,


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