Stationmaster talk peaceful heart makes grass root station

to be honest, I’m in touch with the Internet a lot earlier, but most of them are sending and receiving mail, reading news, and so on. What’s more, they are far behind the majority of the webmaster. Even so, from the site of the technology, I am now still the level of entry, and even did not enter the point. I do the station is e-book download station, the original idea, not because you want to do stand and do standing, but want to collect some e-books spread out, let more love reading friends can read, and collection. It still has some origin.

I love reading and writing, intoxicated, even in school, also published essays on love, as can be imagined. When 2001 began to collect books, and books of this novel is very fascinating, a small file, can contain hundreds of thousands of twists and turns touching words, and can replicate indefinitely, never broken, no cost, since then, I have the electronic book magic feeling a get out of hand, as long as the hit. It is downloaded to the computer, and set up dozens of folders, special store all kinds of books, sometimes see a friend on the computer being e-books, will not leave this to copy into my computer. When leisure time, then opens conveniently, pulls out one originally to read, it feels comfortable extremely.

When the

in 2008, I was a bit rough statistics, I collected books, there are twelve thousand of the many, just a friend of the site is done, then I will have to do the idea of e-book download station.

At the time of the

website also utterly ignorant of I, from the HTML base, the computer for a day, sleepless nights, all through the night, to work for a few months, during which hard, needless to say, this may be every webmaster experience, in short, with the help of friends, my "green book download station finally forming. At this point, the mood is haggard, seepage joy, although tired, but has an endless sense of accomplishment. Of course, simply doing a website is the hardest thing to do. The site, I insist every day to add articles, upload books, sometimes add dozens of articles, free time at the weekend, a day to add hundreds of articles, and often write some text, to some often go to the forum and website. Under my careful management, the website has the flow slowly, and gradually grows, Baidu and other search engine’s collection also more and more. See these, my heart is not delicious.

In April this year, I

good times don’t last long, rented server, suddenly broken, service providers, is hard to burn, and above all the data lost. Worst of all, I didn’t backup the data. Although this website does not make money, and money, but the site as their own child I, this news is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue half a year wasted!? later, service providers will be sent to Nanjing to repair the hard disk, fortunately, after looking for a number of data repair company, upload the e-book and although the website program is completely lost, but the database > grab

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