Talking about the development of SNS SNS should be more specialized

has been in touch with SNS for a while, from ignorance to a little understanding. Now there is a better understanding of sns. My humble opinion out bright, please criticism.

should first thank DZ for introducing user centric thinking into community sns. Sns is simply one of the common interests of people gather together. Before the initial contact with SNS, but also in the admin know, 5gsns. Also temporary, and opened a 8dsns, his name is 5g, my name is 8D. No, is it popular? I’m targeting the whole country. But there is no technology, no theme, but also tried to stop the rogue, email, QQ, MSN and so on, the use on the results, the effect is very good, some friends just called to tell me, is my computer poisoning, how always email. I did that. Think carefully, too. Someone else has suddenly sent me a connection, and I won’t click either. What if it is a virus? So, I advise you that this method is very undesirable. Not only friends will not click, but will make people feel disgusted, a look at this domain name, no matter how much attractive, people will not point. This is the promotion encountered problems. In addition, some friends are fooled after entering, do not feel interesting, no theme, and rarely come later. That’s the point. Another point is the question of the subject. If you want to be a SNS, be sure to think about the following: 1., who do you want someone to come to your website 2.? You should consider how to keep some of them. 3. word of mouth effect, how to let these people to promote your website?.

recently, I met a teacher who had been troubled by a problem. She wanted to build a group and communicate with parents and students. But there is a limitation of QQ is not very long article, if can following his own education and gratitude is good, let parents see, learn from each other. I said, "I’ll build a website for you.". She was happy. The first thing I think of is sns. I want to set up a SNS site for her. Think of a name she also recognizes. We, you, listen to the name and feel a sudden gathering of people. We, you, some friends joked, "my mother, your mother" good, the purpose is very simple, how to call also OK, as long as it is easy to remember on the line, it reached the purpose of domain names. We, you, the theme is the school of teachers and students, the establishment of a bridge between teachers, students, parents. Our crowd will start with a very specific teacher I know and his students and parents. In the future, through the interaction between students and parents’ home, it is possible to develop from one class to one grade and even the whole school and the schools around it.

another question, I want to let this part of the few factors to stay, first, teacher promotion, this is a platform for teachers, she wants to communicate with students and parents through this platform. The day after tomorrow, she told me, she told their class students, write down the address, go back to tell your parents, and then come here to communicate. There are 50 students in her class, they are mom and Dad

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