How to improve the ability of cold resistance of automobile startups

this year, the O2O model has gone through a cold winter, many Internet companies into a variety of problems and lead to bankruptcy, which is the most serious car startups. So a number of auto start-up companies began to change in order to try to save themselves.

these startups in the makeup? Or self-help? Does this mean that the car market after the Internet venture into a new stage? How to improve the start-up company " cold resistant " ability? In this regard, the reporter interviewed a number of industry experts.

also trying to get through online and offline and E-Drive, e-generation Bo and other start-up companies. E-Drive experienced layoffs storm in the near future, huitongluhua group announced a strategic cooperation, launch customer service maintenance, door-to-door bus service delivery, to create a comprehensive " simple " car life;. Bo and Grammy e-generation cooperation, the automobile service shop airport Bo scene to establish the line will be fully into the Grammy auto beauty and maintenance products and operation scheme based on Grammy and the super 500 stores as car service outlets under the line e-generation bo.

e maintenance is taking a path through the financial services to customers, the launch of the car door and maintenance of Internet banking wallet will be combined. E maintenance CEO peak publicly said that the product 100 yuan from the cast, the expected annual yield of 8%, can be kept with the deposit, no fee.

for various initiatives of the startup, after the car market expert Zhu Weihua believes that this is a trial and error of " ". He said that there are not many Internet Co or start-up companies can be found in the first attempt to be accepted by the market business model, not recommended

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