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talent competition a dozen years ago, foreign IT giants rely on salary, open work environment, a large number of Chinese talent into foreign companies, but today, sh419, cool, Alibaba, Chinese Internet giants have been rising, these companies will be further narrowing the gap, the talents of more intense competition from the Internet cooperation with universities, colleges and universities to Ma, Robin Li speech and Microsoft the Great Wall plan can be seen Internet Co of college talent competition has started, a few years will be more intense.

ergonomics, also known as ergonomics Ergonomics, is a science that enables technology to be human, a science of coordination between technology and human beings. That is how to make technology development around the people’s demand, regard people as the starting point of the product and environmental design, make its performance and colour to adapt to and satisfy human’s physiological and psychological needs, so as to make people work more safe, convenient and comfortable, work efficiency is higher. The research methods and means of evaluation involves psychology, physiology, medicine, anthropometry, aesthetics and engineering etc..

just imagine if these teenagers were using shlf1314 products, communicating with shlf1314 employees, listening to shlf1314’s dreams, shlf1314>

1. professional website planning talent

control: website in the establishment of customer behavior, rights control, must comply with the company’s business rules, according to different types of customers have different permissions.

adolescents began to obey the school education, the desire for freedom, and shlf1314 to loose and free for free culture, great dream, delicious food, will these adolescents have great appeal.

10 years old age that is a pure time, parents and teachers care, a classmate of friendship, began to have faith, full of infinite hope and fantasy in the world, the human dream of change, imagine the freedom, equality, fraternity, the human world of the most beautiful things, shlf1314/intl/zhCN/events/chuangxin/intro.htmltab1

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, talent competition,

convenience: the website is easy to operate, easy to use, reasonable content distribution, consistent with customer behavior habits.

if an enterprise attracts a person from an early age, it has a great advantage for the future of talent and provides a steady stream of momentum for future development.

2 adolescent rebel

21, in fact, the Internet enterprise competition is fierce, in the final analysis is talent competition,

understand that complete Q school has always wanted to build a platform for education, but afraid of portal entry, can not open education platform, because once profitable, portal site will use powerful funds into, asked the school will be in trouble, ask if the school can be shlf1314 and the two sides will probably achieve a win-win. If shlf1314 can give the school funding and technical support, the school will soon establish its status as an aircraft carrier in online education.

ergonomics has infiltrated our lives such as drinking glasses, mouth wash toothpaste, the use of computer, ergonomics is optimized for product sales agent, then we plan from the perspective of professional website, more ergonomic to help us make the website platform easier to sell to target customers.

these beautiful dreams will leave good memories in their hearts, and they will strive for it.

interaction >

Every part of

website planning is one of the keys to the success of the successful website platform construction. We can see many real 90% in the leading position of the website platform features a site planning ideas clear and reasonable, friendly interface, strong function of website marketing; therefore, professional web site planning is one of the important conditions for the success of the website.

ergonomics will enable the site to receive a qualitative upgrade in the following areas:

web site planning positioning determines the width and depth of thought, website customer determines the site planning and implementation of thinking form, web page program determines the excellent website planning thought performance, website marketing / sales again to verify the site planning level; if need to use the words and ideas, we must have marketing, sales, and solid technology, this kind of complex site planning personnel in order to truly promote the site planning towards specialization.

scientific: site column planning and positioning of scientific, and it fully represents the intention of the site, but also fully mobilize visitors continue to click, and guide customers to buy products.

2. human engineering thought

Humanization: through the guiding text language, graphic language, personality interaction and other ways, make the website platform more conducive to customer browsing, in order to attract and retain customers.

two talents

talent competition across the field, talent competition is not limited to Internet Co, Morgan, Goldman Sachs attracted a large number of talents, IT talent will cause a certain amount of loss. Countries, universities, enterprises are doing everything possible to attract talented people.

logic: the overall site planning process to meet the customer’s psychological, and based on the full analysis of the characteristics of the industry, establish internal site function logic conversion, so that customers enjoy access to the whole process.

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