6 suggestions from Netscape founder to start up companyHow to start a low cost business

, many people are eager to start business, but suffer from no funds. If you want to start a business, you must consider how you can start a business at a low cost. How can you start a business at a low cost?

2. technology companies are also different from each other,

3., incredible business founder / CEO,

Andreessen for the first time in 1994 to Silicon Valley, after this period coincides with the PC era, the whole circle of science and technology investment outlook is not optimistic, the beginning, Andreessen believes that investment opportunities is almost nonexistent. But he believes that technology start-ups can revive because he realizes that operating technology companies are quite different from other companies. "I found that Silicon Valley can be self recovery, self recovery, and it has never stopped," he said, "science and technology is always exploring to the new world, such as health care, real estate, education, financial services, transportation, etc.."

from IBM to Microsoft, from Intel to Amazon, some of the great technology companies were founded by their founders. "It’s amazing that the founder and CEO are" one of the two, "says Andreessen.

but that doesn’t mean that every business founder can make a successful company, or be a good CEO, Andree>

lead: "in fact, there is a common sense, it is that you have to become the first to enter the market, and also need to become the market of the terminator, then put the industry door shut, so no one behind you."

in the eyes of Andreessen, GM will, will, and will certainly be engaged in car manufacturing and car sales in the future. But companies like shlf1314 will be like GM? "Andreessen says," if a technology company wants to achieve long-term success, it has to rely on products within its channels. "Today, technology companies are developing and selling products, and no one will buy it after five years," he says. "Technology companies are actually running innovative businesses."

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan


1. technology industry can revive itself

twenty years ago, Marc AndreeSSEn founded the Netscape Co, and now he is a member of a great reputation of venture capitalists, he invested a lot of Companies in the field of venture capital, has also been successful. His portfolio includes Silicon Valley’s most prominent tech giants, such as Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, Jawbone, Lyft, Pinterest, and Zenefits. In the recently held in San Francisco Saleforce Dreamforce conference, the super VC and Twitter Master accepted Bloomberg Emily Chang interview, he said, hoping to give their own startups to instill some experience and lessons.

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