sh419 in December the commission payment noticeSocial platform can play the content of ecological mu


sh419 alliance helps partners achieve success in their respective fields.

alliance to remind you: please try to modify the financial information in the month before the end of the month.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact


payment information to the last day of each month the League background records shall prevail, if cannot be modified by the end of the month, will likely result in the delay in payment is divided into 1-2 months.

2 the post office remittance address is unknown. The list of members is as follows:

2016, the Alibaba announced the establishment of an important marketing campaign "creation Festival" in the double 11, Taobao to help from the world’s largest electricity supplier platform to the world’s largest lifestyle community transformation, will play content from online to offline, blasting young people high.

first of all, it’s a strong "young man" label for in brand


if you are Commissioner of the league, please refer to <

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

, qiuhongdaunion, yaoou, Baitu, qingz, a.

6.4-6.6, focused on young people’s social networking platform in app airborne Shanghai, carrying a number of star, red net, Master and thousands of users in the In app, Shanghai first love landmark – Joy Ferris wheel square, built a roof with fantastic colors "amusement park".

! !

, whoyan, sperlu, wtool.

sh419 alliance development from

is thus social screening, "outsider"

, tianyu7202, Xingtai, ly88321,…

belongs to the 66 hour fantasy park for young people, and a new festival of creation,

, enlea, samsung1, ess86, wobus, smartor, Chian, ajhj, community, nokiareal, Yaha, hnfdcorgcn,

1 online banking system returns, member list is as follows:

Commission has been paid in December. Please note that the Commission will be paid on the 25 th of this month.

, zhileng, yixishanxue, sh419mp3, www517878com, idealbiz, toowa, yw88, bj66, ahua168137yy,

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://s.union.sh419


, zhao51, sitetest, hui1com, tongtongnet, site65658, Artcom, wrss, wfshlf1314, default, my120.

is the theme of "66 hours of wonderful paradise" of young people under the party line, not only the sale of goods sold, interesting, limited only 66 hours, the first day of activities to greet more than 7000 users to participate in, into the mirror high Yan value of men and women, bullet train play cool…… A group of exquisite pictures, a fierce attack on Uncle Ni’s circle of friends, become Hushang youth this week the hottest social topics.

below member December Commission failed to pay, please login as soon as possible to modify the background of the union financial information, in order to release on time next month.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

more League information goes on:


said: if Like attracts like. is the core of electric business, so social stress is the orientation of the same person: Birds of a feather flock together., because of common interests and focus

July 2016, the horse father in Shanghai circle big house of 30000 square meters, recruited 72 original workshop, covering all walks of life, walk in a circle, like walking around the world…… Of the 72 original workshop, is the representative of Taobao made tens of millions of passengers, on behalf of the young people Everfount creativity, while Taobao is like a vitality of the community, where the creativity of young people is to maximize their encouragement and help, to achieve commercial landing.


in the In3 anniversary: Ni t seems to create wonderful park 66 hours, and Ali quite wonderful creation Festival is through different approaches but equally satisfactory results, a fantastic platform for the vitality of the line activities will fully show out:

Financial information

if you were young and happened to be in Shanghai this week, you wouldn’t miss such a great event.

respected sh419 affiliate members, Hello:

is the In’s 3rd anniversary anniversary, imperceptibly, the standard picture of instgram social software, has been in line to instgram since the listing of the new board, vigorously commercialization, development of brand customers value the young users, has been committed to young users with more cool interesting social experience, and this time it through create a wonderful park 66 hours, with the line of dense cool experience to the user and to the outside world: just as it Solgan said, interesting people are in In

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