The advice gave a new net Wangzhuan real experienceEasy to do guest making money every day

share some experience with you,

1 do not just look at the Commission, only to find that the Commission is high, do not think that the Commission is very high, earn a lot, it is quite possible that the goods is much higher than other similar products of the price, you said that who will buy expensive things.

first started shortly after I was a novice, I a few months to see the various Wangzhuan also constantly looking for information in the article can make a lot of money project hope I feel can give some help beginners.

novice novice don’t ask, what is the most profitable project, ask you how much money a day, or take the income for master and so on, these words have been bored most of their master, can give a person you do not want to pay such a pie in the sky feel

Every day my mom

have income, the heart is still sound great!

and I a few months after the study on the basic understanding and experience of Wangzhuan novice, so want to make a lot of money please listen to my word, put the pie in the sky dream, let you find Jinshan dream, pick up the English books and computer books from now start from today, when you feel what level of professional level have to catch up with the University come here looking for projects to do, master knowledge is actually very high they are after several years of hard study had not once but.

guest: Oh, every day to earn money, cool

two. Now the guest promotion method.

3 the credibility of the whole store shop promotion: it is best to find some high reputation, just think, if I was a few drill several crown crown the course better, let a person see assured, even if you have to buy points! But, these shops are generally a lot of things, you can’t everything, so you can choose the whole store promotion, in a shop as a unit for promotion.

2 don’t just pick your love, many friends think you love the people love, Tao, is completely mistaken, consistent with the public taste.


4: identify the promotion promotion although surface should be wide, but you can also do fine ah, several of which focus on the promotion, such as now there are many friends who focus on the promotion of women’s clothing, cosmetics and the like, my promotion for example, I now mainly promote hand machine recharge business this way a liar is not much, and convenient, mobile phone recharge who are needed, a wide range of customer should have a mobile phone, it is almost immediate Wednesday trading, second days out of data! Tell people, here to charge 100 yuan and 98 yuan, to recharge friends willing to charge, you can earn money is generally 2 yuan, very happy, the seller is certainly more joy than threefold, to the satisfaction of all

I’m doing the website, Ningbo building materials network nbjc8

Ali Mama, focused on the introduction of the Amoy activities, attracted numerous owners, but in the end how to do the guest, let’s look at a post: this post is Ali mother forum popularity over twenty thousand posts, from October until now has not been under the sink, the following is the full text:

borrowed a master of words, search is the best teacher, if you want to know what are the Wangzhuan project, what to do to make money, how to use the search entry, of course you choose shlf1314 or sh419 o

. Do guest, there are a few taboo

and if you want to be a hobby and earn some pocket money do PTC, investigation, search what mail, do not need too much knowledge. The line just write so much, I began to do what for the future, after my posts will be very few, I hope you all as for others to learn extraordinary talent, but also to learn the degree of Kazakhstan. I wish people all the way home network.

2 skilled application information: mother cat in right click "cumulative promotion", "total Commission", "Commission", "the rate of commission", these methods search for goods, which can help you ah, you can know the volume through the cumulative promotion of those goods sell best.

1 classification of search help you: mother cat in all kinds of commodity classification is clear, you can through your familiarity with these goods selection, selection must have order, a kind of a kind of comparison, find the search, do you think the most eye-catching.

5 find a good name for the product – or give the product a good name: I don’t need to say more about it. Everyone should know the benefits

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