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May 23rd, Jiang Lin completed the formalities of departure. The music out of the building, Jiang Lin made a circle of friends: "two years of groundless talk, hope LETV will continue to rise. Bye bye." As early as the development of music as a mobile phone staff, Jiang Lin as music is still very emotional.

Lee, a frequent visitor to the Jinhu company, told reporters that the reason for choosing the company is that it ranks first in the online search. "Three months ago, my colleague’s friend needed a pressure calibrator, and he asked me to help. I searched through the Internet and soon found out that the company had a better pressure calibrator

, according to Jiang Lin, at present some development team is still leading LETV mobile phone, specifically responsible for the implementation of the staff have resigned, transferred or downsized.

May 26th, music as a result of the new to all mobile phone staff opened a conversation about going and staying. Before the staff selection there are several: either leave or change. These may be divided in TV development, music as mobile or other related company. Prior to this music to new employees also had arranged the transfer, but a lot of people because there is no suitable job eventually chose to leave.

for a mobile phone company, without developing a new cell phone, it almost loses its value as a mobile phone company.

later, Zhang Jiming, who was worrying about his company, saw an online search for "SEO.". Zhang Jiming found that the site to improve traffic, in addition to relying on self speculation in the forum, packaging famous, there is a very important way is the search engine rankings. If you can do your site search engine ranking in the top 10 in the mainstream, is displayed on the first page of the search page, it means that will be most people need these products to browse, and for this company is half success. After the optimization of the site traffic really did not let Zhang Jiming disappointed, SEO many methods, suggestions on the promotion of the website has played a role.

at the same time, music as the mobile phone business is downsizing. A music insider told the interface news reporter, mobile phone business cuts will exceed 50%.

, as music itself may not develop mobile phones." When Jiang Lin said this sentence, it was a pity.

crisis LETV, music as the front of the building he Dun sound constantly. In just the past week, LETV mobile phone have been allocated two suppliers to pay the rent, 10 billion debt hole to fill, LETV mobile phone last year detonated public opinion crisis, now again placed in front of the music.

but in a short period of time, LETV mobile phone could not quickly regroup, incursion. After Jiang left, music as mobile phone layoffs continue.

for Zhang Jiming, he believes in maintaining the company’s top priority in the search engine. Every day he spends time focusing on his website. "If the rankings are down, I’ll have people change the site and try to get it back in front of it."." In addition to search engine optimization, Zhang Jiming also encourages customers to post in major forums or to evaluate the quality of their products and services in their blogs. Zhang Jiming said: "the guests on the Internet has brought us a great deal of publicity, their evaluation is the most convincing.".

Jiang Lin has just left the music. He had the Department responsible for LETV mobile phone BSP system optimization, the original department has 8 people, now 3, in his opinion, the rest were not enough to complete a new mobile phone system optimization work.

Zhang Jiming through the network to promote the company’s inspiration from the "network push hands" Yang Jun alias "old wave". He studied Yang Jun how a successful dancer Qiang girl, after packing into a regression copycat maiden, Zhang Jiming felt the same methods are used to the company he ran on.

as the downsizing continues, other mobile phone developers face the same reality: the remaining workforce is not enough to support the development of new handsets.

after a "careful planning", Zhang Jiming hopes to create a gimmick such as "the most nostalgic China company", and turn the company to the public through the forum, self hype way. But the idea was quickly rejected because he found that the company was different from the stars. Such packaging will make consumers suspicious and rebellious, at the same time, such publicity will also make the company lose civilians characteristics.

, will let peer deeply headache: debt is not repaid, after the crisis did not introduce investment or obtain new shares; capital chain rupture completely broke its "hardware negative consequent profit service" dream; in many competitors in all channels have the layout the line at the same time, responsible for the sales and service platform LETV mobile phone line channels are big layoffs; mobile phone helm Feng Xing traced resignation; now, people losing LETV mobile phone R & D department has not enough manpower to develop a new mobile phone, at the same time.


Since the

Zhang Jiming said: "I asked people to redesign the entire company’s Web site to make it easier for search engines to search.". My site has now been able to rank 10 on shlf1314 and sh419. After the optimization of the company’s website browsing than before the optimization of 1000 times higher, the company’s telephone contact has become a hot hotline."

Zhang Jiming, chief executive of Jinhu ante Automation Instrument Co., Ltd., a company whose business was not good, has doubled its revenue by three times since it was optimized for the company’s website search engine.

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